Overweight and fat people

Overweight people who diet to reach a healthier weight are more likely to die young than those who remain fat, according to a study. The finding needs to be backed up by further research before sweeping changes are made to public health strategies, the authors warn, but it highlights how poorly the long-term health effects of dieting are understood.

Modern life is getting more and more dynamic and stressful. What are the best ways of overcoming stress?

Stress has become the part of everyone’s life and no one run from it. But we can find the solutions to cope with it. If you are taking too much stress, then it can cause severe health issues and even the tension is felt in the muscles. Thus, we should find the way for stress management to survive in this modern life.

7 tips for a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean hours of training at the gym and eating only salad leaves. It’s about making easy-to-manage healthy choices in your day-to-day living.